Why do men cheat?

asked 22 Oct '11, 17:02

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Because we suck.


answered 24 Oct '11, 00:25

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She's, younger, hotter, wants to do those things you won't and no one will find out.


answered 01 Nov '11, 00:46

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Quentin St
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men are lying pigs!

(01 Nov '11, 23:54) DQ34 DQ34's gravatar image

yes on occasion...but we do have some redeeming qualities! ;)

(03 Nov '11, 01:35) Quentin St Quentin%20St's gravatar image

if on occasion means all the time!!!!

(22 Jan '12, 23:24) RachelC RachelC's gravatar image

It happens all the time you're with a man who you thought was a good man.....and then he goes and cheats on you. Ever wanted know why men cheat? Click this post to find out why! http://www.askcasanova.com/blog/?p=410

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answered 03 Nov '11, 01:35

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Quentin St
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Your boyfriend is probably cheating on you if...

He starts to act really distant lately, He lacks sex drive and the intimate times between the two of you are sporadic, he isn't calling, checking up or emailing as often as he used to. He is starting to dress differently, acting differently, going out a lot with out you. He is a lot happier than usual =p

Use your common sense. You know him best don't you? What does your gut say?

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answered 03 Nov '11, 21:36

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You don't put out.


answered 02 Dec '11, 08:10

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When she shouts that what you did was unforgivable, she has already started to forgive you.

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answered 27 Nov '11, 23:15

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You know what ladies, let me do you a favor and tell you exactly why I cheat. It makes me happy on a lot of different levels, I can honestly say that the sex is not only better for me, but I'm sure as fuck that my wife ain't complaining either. And here's the thing I cheat with more than one woman at a time and I like it. It gives me this weird thrill like I'm supposed to be some sort of spy who can't get caught. And I have yet to get caught. I've come to the conclusion that cheating actually makes me a better man, my mind is firing on all cylinders when it comes to infidelity, I have to be a strategic problem solving execution focused genius to pull some of this shit off, and the positive side effect of my infidelity is a superstar at my work where because of my cognitive clarity in the cheating on my wife thing, no one is looked at with more respect to get shit done in the company than this cheating man. I really can't help it though everyone says men cheat because we can, and I'm afraid that simple explanation is really all there is to it, we cheat because we can and it is so damn easy to get away with it. Nothing makes me happier then lying naked next to a strange new woman right before I have to get back to work or bending over that stewardess on my business trip or smiling a little too long at the waitress today. That little rush of adrenaline mixed with pure unadulterated passion is adding years to my life and taking wrinkles off of my face and keeping me as happy as shit. That's more than I can say for too many men I know stuck in their ho hum marriages with wives who won't suck a cock. Again don't get me wrong, I love my wife dearly and the things she gives to me in this relationship are things I could never expect to receive or even want from another woman. I'm happy in every aspect of my life with her, but I cheat because I can. And before you ladies give me that you fucking asshole routine and some of you pussy men out there, I want to say thank you to all of the married women who have joined the cheating club and decided to tango with me at one time or another. There are some rules I live by when partaking in this festival of pleasure I call my life.
1. I never sleep with a buddies girl 2. I never sleep with a coworker 3. Don't go to young because they tend to go too crazy (bad experience) 4. Stay out of your city as much as possible 5. The best partners in crime are in the same situation as you with as much to lose as you 6. Always wrap up 7. Never respond to the word love and if it does happen it is usually a good time to leave 8. Don't add them on Facebook or any other social media ever. I've never discriminated during all my cheating escapades, short, fat, ugly, old, hot young I've done it all and I wish I had said yes to all the ones that I didn't and tried harder with all the ones that said maybe or no. I guess my ego was a little to big at the time. But with time comes wisdom, and what would I tell my younger self if i ran into him tomorrow? All those bitches you turned down because you felt a weird sense of moral obligation...don't be a pussy and sleep with them anyway, you'll regret not doing it later in life and will try to make up for it with a sleeping around rampage when you are married. Three things I know I love my wife, I love sex, and the greatest feeling in the world is exploring the feelings and pleasures of a new beautiful woman. I know I'm only going to live once so I am making the best of this time. Not every woman I've been with loves me and some do genuinely hate me, but those women will always remember me and I will always remember them. Anonymous


answered 14 Dec '11, 23:54

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This isn't right your girlfriend should dump you!

(08 Feb '12, 21:19) JaniceCh JaniceCh's gravatar image

hahaha agreed Cuervo, it's like the key to stop having sex with a woman is to have a long term relationship with her or to marry her. The reason a man is going to cheat is because they aren't getting it from their girl, what the fuck do these women expect?! If you aren't going to give it to me, I will find a mistress who will, and mistress sex is way more exciting.
I think a lot has to do also with that good girl image you try to uphold with us, sometimes men want to try some nasty ass shit in bed, but you may not want to, so i quench my curiosities amongst the loins of another female patron who is willing and able.

So to keep your man loyal PUT OUT! and satisfy his needs so some other random doesn't.

By the way honey, I'm working late again tonight and I have a business trip this weekend.

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answered 05 Dec '11, 03:03

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