Lets face it. There's not only a stigma attached to online dating, but what does that say about me? Have I serioulsy become this pathetic that I have to resort to online dating? And what does this say about the guys that would be on Match or some other site. I guess it COULD narrow down people that are single and weed out, but I have always felt so sorry for couples that found each other on the internet (even if they ended up getting married and living the perfect life). It just seems so desperate. Or is that me being a tad hypocritical, as I have been complaining that "normal" dating/meeting-people has not been working out. I feel bad enough as is, may do wonders for my self-confidence. I mean, what type of prince charming has to make a dating profile?

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Definitely not!! Check out Plenty of Fish (www.pof.com), Vancouver BC. Enough said.


answered 20 Jan '12, 00:51

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It's debatable and will always have it's detractors and supporters whether or not online dating is for losers only.

Up until ver recently I was a detractor as well.

But I've opened my mind.

Women have a misconception that online dating sites are only for ugly heffers that can't get a date. It sounds like you may be a detractor?

Seeing as the whole feeling sorry for these couples who do find a match online and are somewhat in a working relationship get your pity?

But look at the matches that you do know. Did they work? Are they happy? You have to ask yourself why do you feel sorry for them? And if you do go this route and do find some semblance of a good relationship online will you feel sorry for yourself? Online dating has advanced a lot in our social perception as an acceptable form of meeting new people in the last few years and though most of it is to get a hookup based on profile pictures or a one night stand/orgy (plentyoffish.com) there are ones that do offer something respectable and in the end of it what do you have to lose? Once you get over that fear of how other people will perceive you you'll realize that giving it a try isn't a bad thing.
I personally haven't tried it but I was in the same boat before when I thought it was for losers but perceptions change over time and it's kosher for couples to meet online. A lot of people do online dating not because they are losers but because of many other reasons ie;

Picture this profile of an eligible bachelor, you could be looking at on one of these sites, you click on his profile because you think he is attractive enough to warrant your attention. He joined because he is a working professional with a good job that takes up 80 hours of his week, when he gets off he goes to the gym or participates in some sort of sport to keep fit, then he walks his dog, calls his mom, volunteers at the soup kitchen and is a mentor to an at risk youth at the local boys and girl's club then makes homes for habitat for humanity on Saturdays and conducts the church choir on Sundays. This chivalrous guy has no time to go to the usual places every night to look for love.

Some of the positives for you?

-It saves you time as you can be in contact with many different suitors simultaneously

-You never have to meet them if you don't want to

-You can screen them to test their worthiness through a series of online interactions

-It gives you time to do a background check

Just like guys don't give a shit about the way they proposed to you they don't give a shit about the story of how you met. Where as it's always in the back of the female mind that some prince charming rode in on a white steed and something romantic and funny happened in how we met and now I can brag to everyone how our relationship started like a RomCom. And going the online dating way will axe any chance of that story happening (unless there is some RomCom out there that highlights this as the way they met? and if there isn't it should be made starring justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift so that women can get over this taboo of meeting over online dating.)

Here's what I say you do, try it as a social experiment on yourself. In the end it is up to you whether you will be worried or not when people find out you met the man in your arms on jdate or match. Get over it, try it out for fun and if the awkwardness gets to be too much for you simply deactivate your profile and never speak of it again. At the end of the day if your end goal is to really find a good guy the story shouldn't matter on how you met instead the story you are making to work out the relationship should triumph.


answered 22 Dec '11, 22:27

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