Okay, my boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 years and I just moved far away from him to finish my business school. He cheated on me with a promiscuous slut. But he told me that he didn’t mean for it to go that far and he was just trying to make out with her to get back at me for making out with another guy( a long story =/. I truly love him and want to get past this, but he ended up having unprotected sex with her, in a bathroom stall. He seems sincere in his apologies by breaking down and crying to me. Is this something I should try to get over and continue my life with him? Or am I wasting my time?

— Sophie from Chula Vista, CA

asked 21 Jan '12, 02:25

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Sex in an change room!?


Ok that was no accident and I’m going to break it down to you right now he wanted to fuck her ok. this whole getting back at you thing is complete nonsense and very juvenile. I’ll let this slide if you guys are young and he’s some sort of 18 year old punk, but even that’s a far stretch for forgiveness. And if he is anywhere past a college graduate this guy fucked that girl because she was hot and he wanted some different pussy.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with whats in between your legs (I am sure its amazing and deserves accolades) but variety is the spice of life for a man and I love variety.

He wanted variety and he found the hallelujah I might have an excuse opening because you made out with a guy a couple of years ago!?

I keep telling you women out there there are plenty of men who will treat your ass right and leave this douche once he pulls any of this oh it was just this one time bullshit. Let his sorry ass cry out remorse til the cows come home.

I’m sure you are beautiful in your own right and you and your man are good together and were better in the past but like my father used to spit. “Son, for every beautiful lady you see out there, there is always some man out there as well who is sick of shagging the same girl”

You deserve better Chula Vista go on and get it.


answered 21 Jan '12, 02:29

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