My question to you is related to this guy I have been seeing for two dates. I haven’t slept with him yet but i really want to but also I have been burned in the past, i really like this guy and want it to be a relationship. What should i do?

asked 21 Jan '12, 05:50

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I see your dilemma and right off the bat my advice to you is don’t sleep with him yet! This is a secret I’m telling you to keep any decent man who is somewhat interested in you wrapped around your finger. In the Casanova world we call this technique the Queen Elizabeth. You see Queen Elizabeth I was known as the virgin queen and much of her power politically came from her virgin status and every man she wanted to take advantage of politically wanted to pop that cherry. The queen toyed with these bad boy heads of states to get what she wanted for dear old England and all that power came from not giving in sexually!

Now that you have a historical background on what exactly it means to Queen Elizabeth it, take this Casanova’s advice, because all it takes is for this man to be just mildly attracted to you, and even if he is out of your league, the longer you don’t give him that satisfaction of your precious flower he will stick around until he gets it!

It’s an unfortunate effect of human nature and it is a great power that you women have over us…so i cannot stress this enough…the longer you queen Elizabeth the 1st that poor brothas ass the more he will stick around because in the end he wants to stick something else.


answered 21 Jan '12, 05:52

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