Okay so I wouldn’t consider myself talkative…i speak when spoken to am a bit on the shy side but not really – i can open up. im really friendly and all but Its soo hard for me to keep a conversation with this guy i like. I know he likes me too or finds me cute rather..but that doesn’t help cause he doesn’t know he’s gonna be dealing with a silent girl! haha. I want this to work, and im trying hard!

Is there anything interesting guys want to talk about? I run out of things to say really fast and i feel liek i talked everything out, and theres just not anything else to say ugh..

any advice would be appreciated..

asked 21 Jan '12, 07:28

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After reading this question I must ask what you are looking for in this man?

The language you have used makes it seem that you are unsure of who you are as a person. being quiet and shy doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you, and you seem to be reaching out for how to pull a cloak over this man to make him like you. If that is the case we can give you many techniques and ways to make him notice and want to take you out for a sea food dinner and also take you home after.

It would be good to understand more details about this man to give clearer advice. But from what I can gather if he is like any other man it is best for you to stroke his ego when the conversation does falter. It is very important though to not come off too needy and unconfident. You need to do more homework on this guy or use whatever knowledge you already have on him to help cater to his ego, knowing and talking about his hobbies nonchalantly always helps. While catering the ego, don’t make him your priority have a life outside of him. I could help you out more if I had more details on the situation.

If you say he is talkative, then let him talk! here shouldn’t be a problem with conversations if you just let him guide the conversations, you may leave the interactions having not said a word, but that will be ok, he will have left thinking it was a great conversation. You will be a pleasure to be around for him because all you guys will do is talk about what he wants to talk about when ever you hang out. Nod and agree, nod and agree and he’ll love you!

Good luck


answered 21 Jan '12, 07:33

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