I have been seeing this man on and off for about 5 months and I have really fallen for him (he doesn't know), but he brags about how many girls he has been sleeping with lately. I try to hide the fact I'm bothered but really I am.

Obviously all he wants me for is sex and I try hard to forget about him but whenever I see him it's like I go to jelly and can't take my eyes off him. What should I do?

asked 21 Feb '12, 21:04

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If it doesn't bother you that he's sleeping around and you are using him just the same then keep on fucking him.

However these types of relationships are more difficult for the female species so eventually you will want more. He won't change his ways, it's like telling a kid he can play this video game for free with no worries about playing other games but then all of a sudden telling him ok now you can't play those other games and if you only want to play this one you have to follow these rules. WTF?!

It's too late to change him at this point.

Your best move would be to get out of the relationship and make him miss what you used to give him. But it is very unlikely as this lifestyle of multiple sleeping partners was bragged to you from the onset and he sees you as nothing more than his sexual plaything and you accepted the role. Men are terrible when it comes to this type of behaviour messing around with a woman's mind like that. But you should own it and enjoy it for what it is, and if you have any dreams of a long term relationship with this sexual bastard, know that you might have a better chance betting on red at the roulette tables in your local casino.


answered 28 Mar '12, 00:33

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