Arghhhhh! I need someone to calm me down a bit!!! My thoughts are running away with me and i'm totally freaking out!!!

I'm trying to get over my ex at the minute, and it's going well so far, apart from this one thing that's literally torturing me!! Try and keep this short...

Two of our friends broke up about 5 weeks ago after a 2 year relationship. She wasn't happy and decided to end it. My ex and I were trying to get along as best we could, and i thought things were going ok, but a couple of weeks after the other couple split, my ex decided to have "the talk" with me. He said he didn't think that we would work as a couple as i am going to uni in september and he thinks that he can't be a part of my life because of it.

Now, the guy from the other couple approached me about 4 weeks ago with suspicions that his ex and my ex might be more than friends. He would go and pick her up in his car even though her ex didn't like it and thought that she wasn't considering his feelings. She said that she is fond of my ex and enjoys his company.

Well i had suspicions too, but dismissed them (my ex has been known to dump me for other girls before) but i just don't know what to think. She is all over his facebook wall, 'liking' his status' and photos and it's driving me crazy.

Her ex and me decided that we wouldn't confront until something was confirmed between our ex's but i can't help but torture myself because of it. I mean, if my ex was honest about it and told me that he wanted to be with her, then i could continue to move on, but i can't confront him just yet until i have more info.

Does it sound suspicious to you???

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Yeah this sounds like they're sleeping together.

I would try my best to get over it if I were you and that other guy. Anything else down this road will only lead you to more heartache, and actually finding out will devestate you and shatter your confidence. So if you're ready to take on all that bullshit, then by all means waste your time emotionsal well being and go pursue the useless truth at this point.


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