Is it weird if your BF wants to travel solo for a weekend getaway?? Why wouldn't he ask me to travel with him like he normally does? What are his intentions?

Sincerely, Confused Cathy

asked 25 Mar '12, 22:29

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Hey Cathy nothing to worry about here, if your man is asking to take a trip on his own, let him do it. You stopping him will only be detrimental to your relationship. Did you ask him why he wanted to do this already? Try not to be emotional when you do ask him as that would only lead to an unresolved answer. What's the current status of your relationship? Has he ever cheated before? If not with you has he cheated with past girlfriends? Is he going alone or is he travelling with the 'boys'
This sitation needs to be looked at from these different angles. I know you are jumping to the conclusion that he's meeting up with some random woman for a weekend fling or he has an intention to sleep around and have fun without you. But do these suspisions have any merit to them? Would there be any reason for him to actually rendezvous with another woman? Do you have any idea who this other woman would be?

If he has not displayed anything suspiscious and he simply does want to get away and be alone for a weekend explore with him why? and if his explanation makes sense and there aren't any deep underlying insecurities on his part or yours (ie something is wrong witht he guy or he might be cheating) this trip without you is nothing to worry about. (But be sure to ask yourself all those other questions before you come to this conclusion.)


answered 28 Mar '12, 00:22

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