In the beginning stages of a relationship, how long will a guy wait to have sex for the first time? Should I give it up on the first couple dates or will he still be around if we don’t have sex for 2 weeks? or 1 month? or longer!!

asked 24 Oct '11, 05:28

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Girls have to stop giving it out so free and easily on the first night.

So How long should I wait before I sleep with him if I want to have a good relationship with him?

A guy will wait and wait and wait depending on how sexually attracted he is to you. (But buyer beware, Just because he's not getting it from you doesn't guarantee he's not getting it from someone else though)

The amount of time you make him wait is usually related to the amount of time and quality of relationship you will have with him after.

It's easy for a guy to respect a girl who doesn't open it up the first night but hard to gain that respect back if she does. (Not impossible though) If you're into it and want to have sex for the pleasure of it then go for it.

But be sure to be building some sort of positive relationship foundation during this little courting phase you're putting this dude through. If you're just messing with this guy's head and you guys are playing this weird game then he'll stay in it to sleep with you just to conquer that challenge and then not really want to make anything of it again.

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answered 24 Oct '11, 05:42

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Time no issue..He will wait until you are ready. If he's "good" he can tell what kind of present you will be when he unwraps you. Therefore patience is a friend.. The question might then be.. How long are you gonna play with your own head?


answered 24 Oct '11, 05:37

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I'll wait no problem...Doesn't mean I've stopped sleeping with other women.

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answered 02 Nov '11, 03:00

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2 weeks max. It is not like we are still virgins. Lets just get it out of the way and see if we have chemistry. Life is short so why waste time.


answered 27 Oct '11, 01:17

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Agreed, men can deal with their women on a need to know basis, and most of the time our women do not need to know.

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answered 27 Nov '11, 23:17

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It depends on how hot and young you are. Old Vagina has to put out within the first date or meeting. Young fresh new unused vagina, a man will wait forever for that shit. Vagina is not like wine, it gets staler and less desirable with time, it has an expiry date in the preference of men. the prime Vagina age is from 18-29, once vagina has expired and reached that 30 and over region a man will not really wait that long for it. And it's unfortunate too because we know that when women reach that 30-50 year old age thats when they get horny as shit and want to fuck. Ladies your pussy is valuable when it is below 30 so do understand that the power is in your hands, however once it expires expect that power to fade and fade quickly.


answered 21 Dec '11, 16:33

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That sounds a bit biased.. =/

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answered 29 Nov '11, 02:43

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