Could you ever be friends with an Ex?

asked 23 Oct '11, 00:29

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I don’t believe in being close friends with an Ex. A birthday email here and there is fine but a ‘talk everyday’ friendship is unhealthy. If you guys can still be best friends after a breakup then why did you breakup in the first place?


answered 27 Oct '11, 02:34

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Nope, you've had sex and had sex a lot. It's easy to fall off the horse again on one drunken night or a weekend alone, once you have memories of an orgasm in the brain you can't be hanging around this person for extended periods of time without it crossing your mind every now and then.

Move on make new friends be loyal to your man/woman, no matter how strong and loyal you are it's just not worth the unsaid arguments and unmentioned headaches that go along with you or your man hanging out with the exes.

So unless there are some children shared with the ex, it's better to just stay away.

As this is anonymous I can admit to casual sex with more then one ex while they had other men in their lives, they didn't mean to do it, it might have only been once, but it was just so easy to fall into the stupid casual trap and pretend like nothing ever happened,and yes I feel bad for those guys that got their ass cheated on and they will probably never know.


answered 05 Dec '11, 03:13

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