One of my best friends has been trying to put me in touch with her high school guy best friend who lives in the same city as me. It turns out that one of my friends just began seeing this male best friend, and she recently introduced me to him. As we were talking at this party, he definitely came off a bit flirtatious and I could see my boyfriend glaring in the background. It didnt help that he was a good looking guy. The next day I got a facebook friend request from this guy. I don't know if I add him or not. My bf will see on the minifeed and it will spark a fight. But if I dont add him, its insulting to my friends.

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Hi Jessica, your boyfriend is an idiot, you didn't do anything wrong and aren't going to be doing anything wrong if you add this guy. If you are afraid he'll get really mad and the fight coming because of it will be ridiculous, then don't add this new guy, it's not worth the fight if he's that insecure and hot headed.

However if you do want to add him so not to be rude to your friend, you can add him discreetly at some weird early morning hour and delete the add notification off of your wall as soon as you can. Another technique you could use is to wait it out until you have an accumulated number of other friend requests and when a big enough group has requested add him along with the big group of people at the same time so his name gets muddled in the mass add.

The other way you could look at this is to just add him and hope your boyfriend doesn't bring it up...and if he does just have the proper argument in place. He's already dating your other friend and he's friends with your old highschool girl. Ask him why he's so pissed and make him realize he's being an idiot.

Speaking of Face book adds check out facebook.com/askcasanova. Only if your boyfriend doesn't mind of course ;)


answered 01 Nov '11, 13:55

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