My boyfriend and I broke up, after I caught him cheating. It totally sucked mucho! His best friend Alex has actually been wonderful helping me get thru this. We have always been close, (and I always thought he was awesome/hot) and I think I respected him more when he dropped hints that the ex was being a lying bastard. Ever since we broke up, we've been talking on the phone everyday, meeting for coffee, and I think I'm falling in love with him. Should I make a move? Or will he pull back out of respect to my ex? Theyve been lifelong besties. I also dont know how all of our friends would react. Should I even care since I'm the victim? Lets face it, bro code is dead!

asked 01 Nov '11, 23:51

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hahaha bro code is dead!

Alex you fucking bastard!

But it's all good, I'm all for it in this love and war shit.

I was never one to ever break the bro code even when exes of friends made the move.. (depending on how close I was to the friend and how hot the chick was.) There were just always way too many other options out there to go behind the bro's back for one girl! Unless she was really the bomb and it was worth sacrificing the friendships for.

In this situation go for it...but wait it out when it comes to making the initial move.... try to illicit him making the first move...that's key!, Because o matter how mutual the feeling is or how close you two have gotten you don't want him to have that 'oh but she made the first move on me' -out in this little game, especially since that love triangle is so close to home. If this is really something worth pursuing he will man up and get his shit straight cause you're too good to pass up.

Your boyfriend was a bastard, that's a given, and Alex has always had a thing for you if he jumped on the support/shoulder to cry on bandwagon this quickly after you broke it off. And from the sound of it he probably is closer to you than he is to his friend.

On a side note, be wary too. The bro code is sacred and loyalty maybe an issue for him if he helped manipulate the ending of his boys relationship by telling you this stuff. He is capable of being shady like that without anyone knowing about it, watch out. Observe his past behavior are there any red flags you remember observing yourself, ask around before you start this sit storm of a love triangle. And if you do love this guy fuck what your friends think, if they were your friends they'd support this.

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Okay now that I know you are supportive, I can admit i fibbed a tad - only about one tiny detail. Alex isnt the best friend, but actually his brother. Still acceptable?

(02 Nov '11, 04:49) DQ34 DQ34's gravatar image


Alex killed the bro code...for real this time =/

hahaha that makes things different but no too different in the way you should approach it...still wait for him to make the move do not initiate!!!!!!

Wow that's pretty dope that he would go behind his brothers back like that but more common than you would think. Make sure there is no sibling rivalry thing going on here where you are a pawn in some weird I can have what you can't have game.

But I don't think that's the case, from what you stated he probably is falling for you.

hahaha this is awesome, please keep me updated on this.

Also, just be ready for those slightly awkward family reunions for the first little while.

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