I'm happy and committed in my relationship. But why do these dreams happen?

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A word of caution though as an ex of mine recently did the same thing and started messaging me about these random dreams she had about me and then she ended up wanting to meet up with me to see if there was anything left, and there wasn't and I was flattered but a bit turned off and she left even more brokenhearted then before and she had a boyfriend to go back to, or not want to go back to? What I got out of it was that she wasn't all too happy with her current man or there was something that her current relationship lacked that we had. Maybe there is something about your last boyfriend that your current one lacks?

What should I do if I still dream about my ex boyfriend?

So do you still have feelings for the guy? How do you feel in those dreams? Is it a positive, negative, sexual, curios, guilty, happy, sad? Figure that out first.
Once you analyze the way you felt in the dream, if it's anything negative I'd just leave it alone and not give a shit about the guy. But if it's something sexual or romantic go see what is up with the guy and meet up with him if he's down to help sort your shit out. But meeting up with him again might cause more trouble than you expect if your current boyfriend is the jealous type or if you actually do feel like you want to be back with the ex and he doesn't reciprocate the feelings. Know what you are prepared to feel before you make your next move.

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It depends. Are you having a casual coffee with your ex or are you getting it on???


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Hmmm its the casual coffee/library type thing... but more than friends, if that makes sense..?

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